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​RJM STAIN-LESS is a young enterprise specialized in the cleaning and maintenance business. Our mission is to make sure you have the best possible deal on the market while providing you wih outstanding cleaning and maintenance services.

At RJM STAIN-LESS, we understand your concerns, because We do care about your cleaning! ​When you opt for our services, we are devoted to offer you a reliable and efficient service.


Our strategy

 Free estimation 

Take advantage of our low price offers from our  first visit to your business spaces. So call us now for a ''free estimation'' of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

 Flexible schedule

​ We want to make sure to give you the most flexible schedule possible. Although our offices are normally closed after opened business hours from 8 am to 5 pm, We will receive your calls and answer your requisites by our 24/7 services emergency line.


Green product usage

​RJM STAIN-LESS is aware of the negative impact that some toxics products may have on the environment. Therefore, thanks to our marketing study & research on cleaning products, we opt for the prevention even the limitation of such dangerous impacts by promoting only green product usage in our company, in order to contribute to the preservation of our environment while protecting the health  of its customers.

Top quality service


​When it comes to quality service in the cleaning business, RJM STAIN-LESS has learned how to reply to its customer needs. For this our company started by franshisees who have the experience, the expertise, and the ''know-how'' of the business in terms of maintenance and cleaning.Our team will respond to your most demanding requisites.


 Garanteed Satisfaction 

​RJM STAIN-LESS respects the confidentiality of  files and important documents handling of its customers. When our staff are operating in your offices, no administratives documents or files should be opened for consultation or divulgation by any third party. We care for the confidentiality, respect and integrity of our clients in anyways and we have a  ''zero tolerance policy'' for that matter.

​At RJM STAIN-LESS, we are confident about our staff & team specialization, for each of our cleaning personal and supervisors have several years of experiences in their field of specialization while working with other cleaning companies or by attending specific cleaning training & seminar in their field. So today we come together to share common philosophy, which is to offer you the best quality service at the lowest cost on the market.


Third party insurance

​Accidents don't prevent when they occuring, and therefore, this can have major impacts and consequences on your goods and your companies. At RJM STAIN-LESS, we are more than aware of this possibility, for ''ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN''. Not only do we handle your belongings with cares, we also have a third party responsibility insurance with Desjardins insurance of more than 4 000 000 $ to protect your belongings in case of accidents .

Values we promote

  • Professionalism. Integrity. Efficiency
  • Team work. Respect of the environment
  • Excellent customer service. Green products

We make a clean difference...